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“This is the best place to train. Family oriented, great structure, everybody including coaches treat you like family and the gym kid friendly. Area 502 MMA has so many variables and can adjust to your goals.” – Haywood King


“My son has attended 3 classes so far and even though the classes are tough he loves it more each time he goes. I love how it teaches my son respect, good health and to never give up.. these are things we teach in our home but coming from coaches there and seeing other kids and some older push through and help him in class helps him get that message even more. We drive from Elizabethtown twice per week for him to attend class because we do not have anything like this in our area. I will gladly drive the 45 minute drive twice a week for him to learn what he is learning. I also love the fact that he can eventually compete if that’s what he chooses to do. I would recommend Area 502 to anyone and everyone..” – Meagan Moats