Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Our kids mixed martial arts program is an awesome way to teach your kids focus, discipline, and honor all while learning the necessary self defense skills needed in today’s world.

The two primary kids classes we offer are kids boxing and kids jiu-jitsu. Both of these program takes kids starting at 5 years of age.

Coach Marcus teaching a few of our kids proper technique during a Kids Jiu-Jitsu Class.  Below is a short description covering both kids classes that we offer. If you want more information about these classes you can click the program name for more information.

Class 01

Youth Jiu-Jitsu ClassesWe offer youth jiu-jitsu at Area 502. Jiu-Jitsu is a self-defense based martial art. It’s great for fitness as well as helping with your kids confidence. We have boys and girls ages 5+. We make sure the kids have a fun time but also learning ways to effectively defend themselves. Have fun and learn self-defense techniques at the same time.

Class 02

Youth Boxing ClassesArea 502 is the proud home of 5 star boxing program. With boys and girls ages 5+, 5 star takes boxing very serious. We have kiddos who train for fun, fitness, and self defense. But we also have youth that train to compete. We have kids ranked in the top 10 in the country. Already multiple time world champions. Louisville is the home of Muhammad Ali, we are a boxing city. And we plan to keep real boxing alive at Area 502.